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With the exciting development of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship programme, launched in 2017, the Hillary Institute is in the process of reviewing its financial position and establishing a solid foundation for the future.  

Our initial funding came from the generous support of Jan Cameron who lent the Institute NZ$2.5 million following her sale of the Kathmandu clothing company. The interest from that capital loan has financed the Institute’s operations since its founding, including the delivery of the annual Hillary Laureate awards and the provision of the four-yearly Hillary Step prize of NZ$100,000. Jan’s capital has since been returned to her.

The Institute has now established its own capital endowment fund and is actively seeking contributions to both its capital raising programme and its annual operating budget. A donation by a lead international donor is being joined by contributions from the New Zealand trustees, together realising approximately 5% of the estimated NZ$5 plus million required to underpin the Institute’s future operations.

We invite you to consider championing and supporting the Hillary Institute and its work.

Your financial commitment to the development of the Institute's capital base, or to help meet our annual operating costs, will ensure that we can continue to support leaders in mid-career who are addressing global challenges. It will also ensure that we can maximise the opportunities for global and Kiwi Edmund Hillary Fellows to bring their energy, insights and networks to bear on the pressing global challenges of our time.

The range of issues confronting us is broad – including climate change, poverty, biodiversity loss and inequality – and the time in which we have to make material progress on these issues is short.

Join us in recognising, celebrating and supporting those who will help us both navigate the challenges and maximise the opportunities before us.

The Hillary Institute has a decade of contribution to its name already, including the confirmation of nine Hillary Laureates, the awarding of two Hillary Step prizes, and now the introduction of up to 100 purpose-driven globally-focussed Edmund Hillary Fellowships annually.

With your assistance we can ensure an even greater Hillary Institute contribution to our collective well being over the next decade and beyond.

To learn more about investment opportunities, please contact:

Mark Prain
Founding Director
dd: +64 21 434 400

The Hillary Institute has donor advised fund relationships with:

And would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Namaste Foundation