The Institute applauds the extraordinary leadership shown by CHRISTIANA FIGUERES and LAURENT FABIUS in guiding COP21 to an historic conclusive moment on 12th December.  We salute the ambition of the Paris Agreement, tautoko (affirm) the determination shown by global leaders and acknowledge the remarkable contribution of our six global Hillary Laureates whose work since Copenhagen in 2009 has been tireless. Listen to post-Paris long-form interview with 2009 Laureate JEREMY LEGGETT (Dec 19th with Kiwi icon broadcaster KIM HILL) 

The 2015 HILLARY STEP has been co-jointly won by 2013 Hillary Laureate ATOSSA SOLTANI and 2014 Hillary Laureate MIKE BRUNE*. See below for lead media pdf. URL is

The Institute's 8th Annual Hillary Dinner (October 22nd @ Christchurch, NZ) was a pre-Paris great success, led in person by MIKE BRUNE with support from JEREMY LEGGETT (from London), Prof. PAUL MILLAR (Univ. Cant.) and Kiwi Connect's YOSEPH AYELE.  

"..just wanted to say thanks for putting on a great show...very inspiring night great company and amazing speeches. What more can you ask for?".TJ.

"...thank you again for the invite - really enjoyed myself last night and went away really inspired!" BW.

"" was like some crazy High School Reunion.…and launching straight back into where we all left off. Such a great group of people. Such fantastic and inspiring speakers too. Thankyou so much for including me. Very, very much appreciated. Now I need to work out where I can fit into this beautiful puzzle". RM.

"…..thanks for a great evening - what an intellectually stimulating and challenging set of speakers you presented us with. I found it inspiring and came away with a sense of the positive that Mike and Jeremy were inculcating All best."  SW.

"Last night I had the privilege of attending the Hillary Institute of International Leadership annual dinner and it left me with a big, bubbling soup of feelings… excitement, inspiration, impatience, anxiety, determination, agitation, awe..there’s probably more. It’s a lot to contain. I feel like I’m on the cusp of being able to step into a more purposeful version of my life.." RJ. 

*Mike's Laureate award was formally bestowed in New York at the beginning of climate week on September 21st, 2014. We then joined 411,000 New Yorkers on the streets of Manhattan for the Peoples March. 

Watch our Facebook and Twitter sites (see key links left hand bottom corner this pg) for latest updates on Laureates' work and related interest material. See "ED TALKS" for pre-Paris COP21 presentations from MIKE BRUNE and JEREMY LEGGETT and YOSEPH AYELE on NZ as an Incubation Nation. And go to ANNUAL REPORTS for the latest snapshot summary (PDF) of our work via our 2015 Annual Report.

See also 2012 Laureate ANOTE TONG's 2015 TED PRIZE interview:


In an age when great leadership is more vital than ever, there exists little direct international recognition of mid-career leadership.

The Hillary Institute of International Leadership accepts this challenge. We are here to recognise, reward and nurture great leaders, currently in play, who will provide answers to such challenges as climate change, poverty, disease, peace and justice.

Such achievements are often the result of the singular vision, dynamism, drive and focus of individuals who inspire those around them and effect significant social, environmental and economic improvement. This site reflects the eight years of our journey to date and the extraordinary characters who people it. We welcome your own leadership and invite your support. 

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