The Institute has celebrated eight Hillary Laureates over the past decade, three of whom have also been given Hillary Step awards. While coming from across the globe - US, UK, China, South America and Kiribati - Hillary Laureates are united by exceptional mid-career, leadership, impact at scale, and a deep sense of purpose driving their work. 


Photograph above: Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay approaching the South East ridge at 27,300 feet. Photograph courtesy of The Royal Geographic Society (with IBG).


Johan Rockström (Sweden) - 2017

Tim Jackson (UK) - 2016

Michael Brune (USA) - 2014


Atossa Soltani (Amazon) - 2013

Anote Tong (Kiribati) - 2012

Aimée Christensen (USA) - 2011


Peggy Liu (China) - 2010

Jeremy Leggett (UK) - 2009