New Zealand: Base Camp for Great Leadership

Beyond the global Laureate programme Aotearoa New Zealand is basecamp for an additional Fellowship programme, widely-respected as a place where innovative science, agriculture and creative industries flourish.

From world-class sailing and boat building to film-making, biochemistry and DNA research, this land of the Kiwi influences well beyond its weight in the modern world. New Zealand is recognised internationally for independence and integrity, and is nimble enough in an apolitical manner, to initiate innovative ideas.

The Hillary Institute partnered with KiwiConnect in late 2016 to develop the Edmund Hillary Fellowship: A Fellowship programme and global community that gives impact-driven entrepreneurs, investors and startup teams a platform to build and incubate global impact ventures from New Zealand. 80% of the Fellows are selected from countries around the world, while 20% are Kiwis, resulting in diverse, globally-connected cohorts.

The Fellowship programme (EHF), works directly with Immigration New Zealand to issue 3-year Global Impact Visas for New Zealand for international Fellows. A not-for-profit company, EHF has its own board and staff group, its chairman holding a seat on the HI Board and the Institute's chair with observer status on the EHF Board. While the Laureate and Fellowship programmes both contribute to realising the Institute's mission, EHF's operational management is at arms-length from the Institute.  

Check out our Fellowship page for details.